I am a Hard Worker and i Will  Work Hard For You!

My name is Kerry Atherton, and I am an original Douglas County resident, born at the old Douglas County Hospital in 1949.  This is my home and this is where my son goes to High School. I intend to use the talents of the wonderful people of Douglas County, combined with Community Involvement groups, to rebuild the economy and create new jobs that can't be out-sourced or eliminated by corporations. We will rebuild our County one group at a time; one town at a time; and one movement at a time. Together we are powerful.

Candidate Kerry Atherton

DDemocrat for House District 2

Donations can be sent to: PO Box 312, Roseburg, 97470

Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Using Accepted Business Methods, not Political Gimmicks

With a background in Community Improvement, business management, and specialized training in Team Building, we can create a future that doesn't depend on other people or other governmental organizations. All you need to do is believe that together we can make our economy better, ourselves!

But I can only help if you vote for me and SEND ME TO SALEM!

Democrat for House District 2

A Professional Businessman

40 Years of Business Experience

20 Years of Management Experience

20 Years of Leadership Experience

15 Years of Complex Negotiating Experience

10 Years of Team Building Experience